I have been trying to figure out a way to get cancer awareness out there.  I tried the a website format, it just seemed overwhelming.  I found creating a page on Facebook was easier for me with sharing articles about prevention and stories of people who have or are battling.  I know a lot people don’t like to talk about this disease, I found it helpful.  I watched my mom go through 2 battles.  First with the initial diagnosis of stage 3 Ovarian Cancer in January of 2013, then a reoccurrence this past November.

During the first round with cancer, my dad did all of it!  He was determine see her win it, will after nearly a year on Chemo it happen.  During that time I watched as my dad lost weight, I put it in my head it was the stress.  My dad was a 30 waist from 38 by January 2014.   I got a call from my mom late a night, about 3 weeks after she was giving the all clear.  She was just screaming into the phone to come to the house.  Yep, got to the house EMTs were there, my mom just crying.

I my best friend (neighbor to my folks) called my Dad’s parents.  Who by the way had not talked to my dad in nearly 6 months.  I am just going to say not way I would have wanted them to see him.  It was horrible the short big guy my dad was no more, he look like a fragile old man.  This is the first time in 16 months I have been able to put this into words.  It turn out my dad was septic and had Esophageal Cancer.

I was blind to symptoms for both my parents, I still have my mom.   My dad was taking off life support two days later, after that phone call from mom.  I am hoping to use this blog to get awareness out there for the disease that both my parents had to face.