I always look forward to a long weekend to recharge my batteries.  This weekend that a was not the case, I was running errands.  Going to a Grad Party and took part in my first Glow Run Fun Run.  Actually did it in 47 minutes, I have not walk/run in over a year I am proud of the time.  Now if I could do that again in 2 two weeks when I take part in Biggest Loser Run/walk that would be great.  I should be thankful if not for sacrifices of brave soldiers I would not been able to take part in all for this stuff.

I am hoping with the 5ks I taking part in I can get back on track.  7 years ago I lost nearly 25 lbs, then money issues.  Which meant a second job, as a result I was running from one work to the other.  Just grabbing or stopping to get something shovel in my mouth.  I started at it again, then health issues with my folks.  Some people don’t eat when they are stressed.  I ate, ate, and ate due to me stressing over things I had no control over.  Then I moved in with my mom, and whatever she was eaten I ate.   But living with your mom has their stresses, therefore stress eating.  Now I am on my own again, and there is room in the fridge for my foods that will help get to my goal.  It has been a month and some of my pants are fitting a little better.  The weight did not pile up all once, so let the fun begin.