My mom got the really good news.  There were no visible tumors the Surgical Oncologist could see, and that means my mom vacation from chemo will last longer.  I am so excited this is the first of 3 hurdles in the next month to see if her cancer is gone for now.  This time last year she was adjusting to me moving back home, and moving forward without my dad.  She is a very strong woman, if you tell her that she will ask “What is expected of a cancer patient?  Curl up in ball and cry about it.”  I have to say a few people I know said they would have just locked themselves in a room and waited to die.  If you ask me I probably want to handle it the way my mom.  Just take it one day at a time.  I am not saying she was all sunshine and butterflies, because she WASN”T.  There were days, that I thought if I sneezed she was going to rip my head off.  I would have to say it 5050 chance what the mood was going be.  I will say this the fuse for patience was a inch long, it did not take much to get it lit.  The patience had return, but it will never be the same.

Me living there…let’s just say there was not a whole lot of me time.  I am pretty sure that went for both of us.  I am so comfortable just hanging out at home, mom did not understand that.  Well, when the core group of people you hang with have children and are newlyweds.  The social calendar has a lot more holes in it.  I did not mind living there, but a year was long enough.  I am so excited to have my own place, yep bills that come with it.  Like I said GOOD NEWS!