The month for June for me will be little more organized in some weird way. I am all settled in my new home. Boxes has dwindle down to one with crap in it and three ready to be thrown in the dumpster. I have a 5k on the 7th, and I am hoping to walk it in 45 minutes. I walked one on Memorial Day weekend in 47 minutes and there were hills throughout it. Also June brings Father’s Day, this will be my second one without my dad. I was so bummed out last year, I am hoping it is better for me this year. Stanley Cup playoffs start this week, love watching it! June also brings a Cancer for me share awareness.
There is much information out there for cancer awareness. Here is an example I went to one site and the June awareness was Men’s Cancer Health and National Cancer Survivor’s Day. I go to another site and the June awareness is Sarcoma/Brain Cancer and National Cancer Survivor’s Month. I made the decision to focus on Sarcoma/Brain Cancer for June. I started doing this in January of this year. I did not think how time consuming this idea would turn out to be. It is more than just scribbling some facts on a piece of paper. However, I did find out this idea of mine has turn out to be therapeutic for me.
I was moving during May, and I couldn’t find the time to do the awareness. So in I then decided shut the website down. Then about a week later, I started looking another way to continue my idea/project. I hope in someway I can inform readers of this disease, which has pick battles on family members.