Today is Cancer Survivor’s Day, and I am a proud daughter of a Teal Warrior. My mom was diagnosed on January 18, 2013. My mom had not been feeling well for a few months. I was working when she came into the ER, because she could not pee. I work at the hospital she came to, so I went to down to sit with her and my dad. It was BUSY, so I went back up to my office to work. You can probably guess how much work I got completed. By time I got out of work at 4, labs were back and she waiting to get a CT Scan. It was about a half and hour after she came back from CT, when the doctor enter the exam room. She told us that her and radiologist were certain that it is was cancer. My mom started slapping the bed saying “I knew IT! I KNEW IT!” I really think that was the first time I ever saw my dad cry. I had to call my sister and told her my mom was getting admitting. She asked what did they find, I could not tell her that over phone.
Let’s fast forward to January 21, 2013, gynecological Oncologist office called the house that morning. We were to get to Pittsburgh for a 2pm appointment that day. We live in Erie, Pa and January in Erie is sometimes not pretty. I drove about an hour before the snow was falling behind us. As soon as we got there they took her right back. The nurse came and got my sister and me, so we could meet Dr. Price. Mom was admitted that afternoon, put on a clear diet. To this day she will NOT touch Jello. She had a colonoscopy the following day and then surgery on January 23. A six-hour surgery, which resulted in the removal of her two ovaries, fallopian tubes, and right adrenal gland, appendix, and left side of her colon. 98% of percent of cancer was able to removed, where did the 2% go? Well fell behind the liver on the portal vein, and I am thinking you probably should not be fishing for cancer near that vein. She did run into one complication, her bowels decided to take their time waking up after surgery. That was probably the worse part of the stay in the hospital in Pittsburgh.
After she was home, let’s just say if it was not one thing it was another. Someone ran into the front steps. The sewer in the basement backed up, just to name a few things. After being home for 2 or 3 weeks we had the first visit at the local cancer center and met the Oncologist. A week later on my sister’s birthday, my mom started Chemo number 1. That did not go well, she had an allergic reaction. It happen while my dad ran home to make him and her sandwiches. My mom was trooper through the Chemo treatments with the nausea, metal taste in her mouth, hair loss, and let’s not forget neuropathy in her feet. After 11 eleven months, she was given the news no Chemo until further notice. We excited and happy.
The journey still being travel with my mom’s cancer. Since January of 2014 along with my mom we loss my Dad 3 weeks after the great new of no more Chemo. My mom helped my Grandma (her mom) get to radiation and chemo for Stage 1 Anal Cancer. My sister got married in July of 2014. Then my mom had her reoccurrence in November of 2014. Chemo was started and finished. Through all of this my mom has pushed through this disease. She is truly a SURVIVOR!
Thank you for reading this, and please remember these signs and symptoms of Ovarian Cancer. Sharing these with the ones you love and we can B-Bloating E-Eating less A-Abdominal Pain T-Trouble with Bladder it down.