1. Osteosarcoma-most common type, occurs in growing bones, and is most often found in children
2. Chondrosarcoma-found in cartilage of the bone and occurs more in adults over 40
3. Ewing’s
Occurs as bone Sarcoma or a soft tissue sarcoma, which depends on the orignal location in the tumor.
250 children each year are diagnosis, which only accounts for 3% of all chldhood cancers
Second most common bone cancer
1/3 of those diagnosis, the cancer has already spread to other area of the body by time of diagnosis. The five year survival rate is decrease 30%
Usually appears in the middle of the long bones of arms and legs or the bone in the pelvis
Nine out of Ten diagnoses have a gentic abnormality.
4. Adamintinomas-Rare cancer and less than 1% of cancer cases
5. Chordomas-most commonly developes in the sacrum
6. Gaint Cell Tumor of the Bone-usually begins in the knee and will affect more women than men
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