This is my second Father’s Day without my Dad.  He passed away nearly a year and half ago.  I cannot believe it has been that long already, it seems like yesterday I was talking to him about the playoff game between the 49ers vs Seahawks.  I remember last Father’s Day laying on my couch just staring at the TV trying to watch a baseball game.  I blame my dad for giving me, oldest of 2 daughters, the love for sports.  To watch a ball game was more than difficult last summer.  I sometimes caught myself tearing up.  I really don’t have anyone now talk sports with, he always had a clam to him when talking about sporting events.  Well a calm until the Browns played the Steelers.  I will always remember the Indians’ games we went to in the old stadium on the Lake.  There was one time Hank Aaron was at a game, walking around greeting the fans.  I was in the bathroom when he came to the section we were sitting.  I had the camera in my purse, my dad told me who was just there saying “hello”.  I never will forget my dad “We could have got a picture.”  Sorry Dad. 😦

It wasn’t all sports that was my dad.  He was the guy in the family who rather be watching TV, instead sitting with everyone else talking after a holiday dinner.  He was the guy that taught how to drive in the snow.  The person who was telling me “Be your person.”  It took me awhile to really understand what he was saying.  But I understood that phrase as think with your head before you act on something, and also don’t be a follower.  My dad was at the bar a lot while I was growing up.  He did things his way.  When he got sick, he would not go to the doctor.  I believe his focus was my mom, and getting through her cancer diagnosis.  My dad was known as the guy with Bandana in the neighborhood.  I also have him to thank for me attraction to Classic Rock, Rocket 101 was on in the car ALL the time.  Unless we were on a road trip, which did not happen often.

My dad will always be short and heavy-set guy, I love and miss so much.  He will never be that almost too skinny sick guy.  So Dad HAPPY FATHER’S Day, and I do miss hearing tell me “I don’t want anything.”  For those who are reading this give your Dad a big hug or high-five.  Maybe even a chest pump, if you can.  Because you never know when it will be the Father’s Day with him.

LOVE YOU Dad!  You have the best seat in the house now for your ball games, Enjoy!