Well my mom CT results did not come back the way we wanted them.  Honestly we knew something was wrong, because her Abdomen was bloated out.  It turns that in filled with Ascites, and it is messing her bowels up due to the pressure.  I just sat there waiting to hear what was going to be suggested to try to fix it.  Another Round of Chemo treatments, and praying the bowel don’t shut down.  There was a silver lining n new masses were found anywhere.  That is a good thing right?

My mom however was not happy to hear any of this today.  She looked at me said “Looks like I am not getting my passport.”  😦  I told her we can get a pass card, but that is not the same.  The last two-time she was on Chemo her nerves in the feet and hands took a beating.  They are just back to normal.  She wanted redo her kitchen and now she probably won’t do that now.  I know this because she told me, she doesn’t want people in her house while she doing chemo.  Her patience was very thin last time and can just imagine what they will be like this time.  I living with her during last round of chemo treatments, so I saw everything first hand.

I like both her Oncologist because they are straight and to the point.  Med Oncologist base most of his treatment decision on the findings on the CT scans and lab work.  He is always very truthful with my mom and doesn’t sugar coat anything.  Yeah sometimes there things he probably should sugar coat, but use would that do for the patient.  Surgical Oncologist is just the sweetest thing, he is there to keep eye the “area”.  I also feel he is another set of eyes for the CTs.  I think he may fall out of his chair when he hears my mom is starting back on chemo.  He just her the all clear for the “area”.

Here my mom goes again with Chemo, she usually calls it her life anchor.  But after to today and her reaction to going back on it.  I think she may pop the finger at Chemo.  For me strength not stress eat and remember to get yoga in three times.  I have to try to stay calm, if not results in tighter clothes.