After dinner tonight I decided to take myself down to the beach.  I have not done this for a long time.  I have down to the beach, but with friends and family.  I have not jump in the with my book and beach chair to just go.  I was sitting there reading my listening to the waves crash and seagulls.  I only read one chapter, of course because I just wanted to close my eyes and just soak in everything around me.  Just sitting there I was able to just let work, my mom’s chemo crap week, and boo-who I am a single.  It is amazing how I felt so at peace, right up until I turn my head.  What do I see a seagull eating dinner on fish that washed up on shore.  I know totally gross, but I guess it is just part of sitting by the water I guess.  I made it about 30 minutes, thanks to the wind.  Only so long you can sitting there.  I think I need to do that once a week.  It is a silly thing but it work I feel at peace.