As I sit here this morning, on an additional day off.  I look back on my weekend, great time with friends.  I don’t get to everyone very often, we all have so much other things going in life.  But when we get together, it is great.  People I was celebrating with are laid back for the most part.  The weather was perfect sunny mid 70s not humd, and for Erie that is wonderful weather.  I got so much fresh air this weekend it was crazy.

On the 4th I go to a friend’s my home, stuff my belly with sorts of food and drink.  Then their neighbor just turn into this massive firework show!  One house would set them off then the next house.  But what started it all there was a guy who gets a permit to set them off the old minor league baseball field.  Then my friend’s husband and another guy who started setting theirs off.  Those two should have been playing with fire, but they are not my better halves.  I then sit out front on the their porch and this Saint Bernard coming flying up.  OMG, he was cutest thing ever.  He smelled so bad though, but I still gave the poor guy love.  Come on who wouldn’t big browns eyes just looking at you as to say “Save me.”  My friend’s mom came and kick him off the porch.  Thank goodness for social media another person there took a picture before he got kick out of the party.  He got home safe and sound.

Sunday, 5th of July.  I went clean my mom’s floors, went and saw my Gram.  She turns 79!  Took her a card, my mom bought her a cake.  Then another picnic with the same group of people.  I did not stay long, I did a lot socializing with the same people the night before.  So that was my holiday weekend, I am tried puppy.  I hoping I can relax most of today to recharge for work tomorrow.