Today I made my first trip to 8 Great Tuesdays.  It is where you can listen to bands of different types of music play.  Each week there is a different type of music that is the focus, this week the focus was Country.  The first band was good, but the second band was just AWESOME.  OK I may be just because I have actually many times throughout the last year and half.  I don’t know if it was because the setting was on water and it was sunny.  Or maybe because I was great company, but I was totally feeling it.  The bands were Next of Kin and Chris Higbee.  I am such a great mood right now, I am thankful I have tomorrow off of work.  There no way I could possibly go to sleep right now. Nothing like some great music to put me in such positive state.  I have need to get to these moments more than I have within the last 2 years.   Truly think I starting to a more positive outlook on everything.  SO here is to more fun to what remains of summer.