I swear if it is not one thing it is another.  Mostly stuff I have no control over, like my BFF dealing with her husband leaving her.  Then I am playing nanny watching my nephew once or twice a week in the evenings.  I also have not had any energy to want to do anything.  When I anything I mean even doing about 20 minutes of yoga.  I don’t know what it is I just don’t want to be around anyone.  Also my Dad’s Bday is this coming Thursday, and my mom is weepy.  Not as much as last year, which I think the cancer starting to cause havoc had something to do with it.  SO what do I decide to do, sign up myself up for a certification course for my job.  I am figuring if I focusing on something for my professional life it may take my focus off the things I cannot control.

Along with that fun, I had my yearly lab work done.  Actually I had it done twice, because the doctor thought one of the lab results was a fluke.  It wasn’t, my TSH was very low.  I guess for low normal it should .4, where mine was reading .1.  All of my other thyroid labs came back normal, so my doctor decided I have to go see a endocrine.  I cannot get in until October, I am really starting to think this stupid lab result is what is the real thorn in my side.

I am will be so glad when this month is over, and I can turn the page to September.  Fall is my favorite time of year.  Also next month is Ovarian Cancer awareness month, so I will be painting my toe teal!  Plus football is starting, omg I cannot wait!  Sorry for the belly aching but I did not want my head to explode.