When I started this blog I wanted to focus on cancer awareness and my mom’s journey with her fight.  I never knew I would have to start a journey of own with this terrible disease.  It all started just by going for my yearly physical.  As usual my family physician ordered lab work.  I go in for the physical and my TSH was 0.01.  The other thyroid labs came within the normal range.  So she was thinking a fluke at the lab, so the lab was done again.  Same result 0.01, now have to go a specialist.

After waiting 2 months I finally got to see the Endocrine.  She had me hold my hands out, she had me follow her finger.  She look me over, and said I was Hyperthyroid.  WTF, how and the hell am I hyperthyroid.  I am fat, there is no other to put it.  I am 5 foot 2 and 185 lbs.  So she ordered more lab work.  That showed my TSH was ZERO, and my T3 was elevated.  What did that mean I needed a Sono now, which was a piece of cake.  Then I get a phone call we need biopsy, one of the nodules is an inch.  Ok so is your thyroid even inch?  No thyroid uptake right to biopsy.  I was a nervous wreck over this biopsy, I was getting a needle in my neck.  It turn out not to be bad at all, I even watched it on the sono screen.  Yeah, it look pretty neat watching the needle move around.

I get a phone call after work about a two days later.  It turns out the damn nodule was found to be Papillary cancer.  She was trying to reassure me that I had one of the easier if not the easiest cancer to treat and cure.  REALLY, she was not the one who was going to tell my mom.  My mom took ok, but I was shaking so bad.  She told me we would get through it.  Everyone I told took the news as you would imagine.  I then saw the ENT for surgical consult 2 weeks ago.  I have surgery on Black Friday and will not be back to work until January.

I am scared.  I will get to spend a weekend in a hospital room.  Spend the holidays recovering.  OH did I mention I will have to locked up in my house about 8 weeks after surgery because I will radioactive.  It does beat driving to work in the first few snow falls.