Well it has been 2 weeks and few days since I had my thyroid removed.  The first week I was tried even after sleeping 10 hours.  Last week my energy starting coming back, and yes I was excited.  Funny thing about that it went away as fast as it came on.  Last Monday my stiches came out and I found that the Cancer was contained to my thyroid.  The Lymph Nodes were clean!  Now I am in a holding pattern, waiting for the insurance company to tell me where I can go for my iodine treatment.  Yep, I have to wait for their approval for what facility I can go for the treatment.  Why, because I work at a competing health care facility to the treatment place.  I swear if I have of drive 2 hours for a damn capsule I will not be happy.   There is a bright side I get to be shut away from everyone for 3 days.  I think it is funny, my mom however does not.

I am getting bored, there only so much TV one person can watch.  I did come across a few shows I never watched before.   I have already watch all the available episodes.   I trying a new crochet pattern, fingerless gloves.  So far what I have completed looks GOOD!  Once I over the TV and Crocheting, I go to study for my online course.   I can only do that for so long before my brain starts to melt out on my ear.

With only a little under 2 weeks before Christmas I need to Christmas presents bought and made for my family.  This surgery recovery has really put me behind.  I usually done with present shopping and baking by now.  Yeah well baking is not going to happen, unless I have to make something.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,