As I sit here week 3.5 into my leave from work, I realize I am not in the Holiday spirit.  I don’t if it is the lack of snow (not complaining) or the fact that my energy has been so focused on stressing out over my recovery.  I just don’t feel like it is Christmas, last year at this time I was living with my mom.  I was watching her go through Chemo for the second time, and celebrating the first Christmas without my Dad.  I always feel I am rushing around, you would think being off since the day before Thanksgiving I would be realx and ready for holiday fun.  NOT really!  On top of my follow-up appointments, I have been driving my mom to her appointments.  I actually send to her, “I think I have been seeing you way too much.”  I know that was a little mean, but seriously I think I would have a more relaxing recovering at work. Actually, I am not going that far.   Ok maybe I should have just turn off the phones.  Yep I said phones, I still have a landline.

I have part take it in some holiday fun.  I went to see the Brig Niagara with my sister and nephew.  For those you who don’t know what that is, it is a really tall ship.  I actually was amazed by the inside of the ship, it actually was roomy.  Given this wonderful weather, I did mind waiting for 25 minutes to enter it.  The biggest thrill was the Christmas singers and the big guy himself.  Did I mention Donner and Blizten  were there also?  After all it was a free event and it was a little busy.  I got to see the Maritime Museum for the first time along with the ship.  I usually just drive by and look at the building.  Then you got the parties, I only went to one.  It was with my friends, white elephant gift exchange is the best.  Since I did not have any holiday spirit running through me.  I just through together pre package gingerbread cookies.  Won’t do that again, totally gross.

Well tomorrow (X-mas Eve) starts 36 hours marathon. I have an appointment with surgeon at 8am, then I am hoping to go back to bed.  I am once again told I am going to church.  My nephew is reading something, yeah ok it is worth to go.  I never go to church, I think it because I never was forced as a child.  But I will grin and deal with it for an hour.  Then the family gathering after church, those are always fun.  Everyone knows there are two members that with a snap of fingers they are going NUTS about the news or something their grown child has done.   Christmas morning we are having brunch, and I am making fruit salad.  Yummie!  Hey I am all for that, get it done early.  Thank you for whoever made my sister take the third shift job. I have no clue if my mom will want to go out to her sisters.  I praying she won’t, but she will and want me to go with her.  I will because it is Christmas Day and that is my mom.

New Year’s Eve I was invited to a party but given that I had to stop my thyroid medication in prep for the iodine treatment sometime in January.   Rather not go, thanks to the PA at the Endocrines office who has me freak out I may just pass out because of the lack of thyroid hormone.  So what have I decide, oh let me just take myself the hockey game instead.  I have not told my friends this yet.  Oh well, Saturday was the first time I any of them in a month.  Thanks.  I got this phrase from them “I didn’t want to brother you.”  Seriously, what hell do they think I was doing?  I was just sitting there watching TV, crocheting, or study for my CPC certification.  Really any of those could have been interrupted, I would not have mind.

I know I am having a poor me party, will you join me.  I also know I am not the only one who goes through this crap at this time of year. So this is me cleaning  the crap off.  With that being said PLEASE everyone have a  MERRY MERRY Christmas and a very HAPPY 2016!