It has been forever since I have been able to sit down to do a blog entry. Between taking my online course, trying to feel normal again (whatever normal is now), and getting into some kind of a better daily routine time has been limited. I started blogging thing for some of therapy to cope with life. The main was Cancerous diagnoses within my family. Doing research for awareness and trying to put it into my own words. Which turned out to more work than I thought, yes I know have mentioned this at another time. As a result I quit putting pressure on me to do that, and started focusing on online course. HOLY CRAP, now that was a whole lot of pressure. Mainly the pressure was on my brain, more than anything. Last Saturday I took the final for the course, pass it with 83 out 100. Really, if I would have got 30 questions wrong I should not be even be doing medical coding. I would be sitting here wondering what my next career move should be, but not doing that. Instead I now get to study for the Certification Test in August.
Then my surgery, having a thyroid removed is not the easiest surgery to bounce back from. Which by way put me 2 months in the course I was taking (see above) My energy will never be the same, so yoga is at my speed. I have set a goal of setting time a side 3 days a week to do that in the evenings. Hopefully I can stick to it, then add maybe 2 days of walking 3 miles outside. Now if the weather would warm up just a little more and quit raining, I will be good to go. I also have to find my MP3 player, my walking/running jams are on there. I can keep in check with the fit bit I got for Christmas, it actually keeps in check when I remember to put the damn thing on. OR even remember to charge it. But that will come in time.
So I guess what I am trying to tell myself, you need to get back on track. What happen over the last 3.5 years I cannot change. Mom’s cancer, Dad’s death, my thyroid, and moving back in Mom (nice thought, but regret it). I need to do what will be best for me. Yep, reflection it’s great. Sometimes if it doesn’t make throw your computer after your done. Don’t worry the computer will not get thrown, I going to go have an iced coffee. 🙂