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A Great Tuesday evening

Today I made my first trip to 8 Great Tuesdays.  It is where you can listen to bands of different types of music play.  Each week there is a different type of music that is the focus, this week the focus was Country.  The first band was good, but the second band was just AWESOME.  OK I may be just because I have actually many times throughout the last year and half.  I don’t know if it was because the setting was on water and it was sunny.  Or maybe because I was great company, but I was totally feeling it.  The bands were Next of Kin and Chris Higbee.  I am such a great mood right now, I am thankful I have tomorrow off of work.  There no way I could possibly go to sleep right now. Nothing like some great music to put me in such positive state.  I have need to get to these moments more than I have within the last 2 years.   Truly think I starting to a more positive outlook on everything.  SO here is to more fun to what remains of summer.




UV Safety for your Eyes

As continue my quest on my oh so Geeky hobby.  I found some information how we can protect our oh so beautiful eyes.  The UV rays can affect them by causing the development of cataracts.  The only thing I know about cataracts is that the doctors want to wait until they are “ripe”.  When I heard from family members who have had them, I laugh.  Yes, I know it is not a laughing matter and your vision can be altered.  Another effect is eye cancer which could take years to develop.  Did you know the sun can damage to those baby blues anytime throughout the year.  The sun’s rays can pass through haze and thin clouds.  If you look directly at a solar eclipse it can cause something called solar retinopathy.  Solar retinopathy can damage the retina.  Also to help maintain a normal sleep-wake cycle the eye need minimal exposure to natural light everyday.

Since I in the Northeast we get something call snow, and this pass winter we got a lot of it.  Even if it was cloudy and snowing I still needed my shades.  Did you know there is a thing called Snow-blindness?  If you did, well you are smarter than I am because I had no clue. Snow-blindness is cause from the UV rays reflecting on the snow and ice.  It can be brought on by severe cold and dryness.  Symptoms of Snow-blindness are blurry vision, swelling and watery eyes.  Snow-blindness is a type of Photokeratitis.  Photokeratitis affects thin surface layer of the cornea, which is the clear front window of the eye.  It can also affect the conjunctiva, is the cell layer covering the inside of the eyelids and whites of eyes.

Snow-blindness and Photokeratitis will usually go away by themselves.  You need to remove your contact lens right away.  Found a darken room and hang out.  Try a cold dishcloth over your eyes, artificial tears, and pain relievers.  It will go away in a day or two, and remember to wear eye protection that blocks UV Rays.

4th of July

As I sit here this morning, on an additional day off.  I look back on my weekend, great time with friends.  I don’t get to everyone very often, we all have so much other things going in life.  But when we get together, it is great.  People I was celebrating with are laid back for the most part.  The weather was perfect sunny mid 70s not humd, and for Erie that is wonderful weather.  I got so much fresh air this weekend it was crazy.

On the 4th I go to a friend’s my home, stuff my belly with sorts of food and drink.  Then their neighbor just turn into this massive firework show!  One house would set them off then the next house.  But what started it all there was a guy who gets a permit to set them off the old minor league baseball field.  Then my friend’s husband and another guy who started setting theirs off.  Those two should have been playing with fire, but they are not my better halves.  I then sit out front on the their porch and this Saint Bernard coming flying up.  OMG, he was cutest thing ever.  He smelled so bad though, but I still gave the poor guy love.  Come on who wouldn’t big browns eyes just looking at you as to say “Save me.”  My friend’s mom came and kick him off the porch.  Thank goodness for social media another person there took a picture before he got kick out of the party.  He got home safe and sound.

Sunday, 5th of July.  I went clean my mom’s floors, went and saw my Gram.  She turns 79!  Took her a card, my mom bought her a cake.  Then another picnic with the same group of people.  I did not stay long, I did a lot socializing with the same people the night before.  So that was my holiday weekend, I am tried puppy.  I hoping I can relax most of today to recharge for work tomorrow.



July = UV Safety Month

With Summer being in full swing, July is the best month focus on UV Safety Month.  Take it from a fair skin Chic from North West Pa, summers for me are filled with sunburns and bottles of Aloe.  I have lucked out this summer this it has probably rain every other day for a month.  I hate the way I feel with a sunburn and have had two moles removed.  Fortunately they were a blue nevus and an atypical nevus.  I also have a co-worker who lost a niece to melanoma, and is very vocal about sun protection.

Sunburns increase the chances of you getting skin cancer.  Common among children, people who have a pale skin type and/or sensitive skin.  Let’s see I can circle two of those, how about you.  The peak hours for sunburn are 10 am to 4 pm.  Reflection off of surfaces like sand, water, snow, and even windows can provide you with a sunburn.  So what can we do to try to prevent a burn.  Well we can seek shade.  Don’t forget our sunscreen, broad-spectrum with a SPF higher than 15.  Sunglasses, maybe even found a matching hat to go with your sunglasses, I am such a nut about matching accessories.  Also did you know 10 to 15 minutes in the sun a day will balance your Vitamin D levels.

What should we look for when we are shopping for our protection gear.  First let’s talk sunglasses.  You want ones that will cover enough of the eyes, large frames, and has a close fit.  They say the a wraparound style works best, also a lens that is brown in color.  Polarized lens help cut the glare, but may not have the added sun protection.  We have our shades, the let’s get the hat.  You want your hat to provide the protection for you.  A floppy brim is best if you are being lazy at the beach.  They also recommend bucket hats which would be for an active time in the sun.  Then there is the sloped brim hat, which is my choice.  I think they look like a fishing hat, they great for your eyes and face.  But if you wear this hat slop the sunscreen on your skin.  Make sure it is breathable, or you will have one sweaty head.  Found a hat with ventilation on the sides.  Comfort, I hate a hat that does not fit right.  Durability, found a hat that will be able to take a beating.  Now we are all set to have fashionable day worshiping the sun.  Which reminds me I need to look for a new hat and maybe a new pair of shades.  Shopping is a girl’s best way to waste time.

Here are 12 ways to get your Vitamin D

  1. Sunlight
  2. Fatty fish-Salmon, Trout, Mackerel, tuna, Eel
  3. Canned Tuna
  4. Certain Mushrooms
  5. Some types of OJ
  6. Fortified milk
  7. Supplements
  8. Egg Yolks
  9. Fortified Cereal
  10. Beef Liver-Now that is gross!
  11. Cod Liver Oil
  12. UV Lamps and Bulbs

I found this on the American Cancer Society site for Skin Cancer Prevention.  They call it Slip! Slop! Slap! and Wrap.  It reminded me of a mid 90s rap song title.  Any who you SLIP on a shirt, Slop on some sunscreen, Slap on a hat.  Wrap on a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes and sensitive skin around them.  Have a safe and happy 4th of July!!



Found my way back to an old place

After dinner tonight I decided to take myself down to the beach.  I have not done this for a long time.  I have down to the beach, but with friends and family.  I have not jump in the with my book and beach chair to just go.  I was sitting there reading my listening to the waves crash and seagulls.  I only read one chapter, of course because I just wanted to close my eyes and just soak in everything around me.  Just sitting there I was able to just let work, my mom’s chemo crap week, and boo-who I am a single.  It is amazing how I felt so at peace, right up until I turn my head.  What do I see a seagull eating dinner on fish that washed up on shore.  I know totally gross, but I guess it is just part of sitting by the water I guess.  I made it about 30 minutes, thanks to the wind.  Only so long you can sitting there.  I think I need to do that once a week.  It is a silly thing but it work I feel at peace.




With my mom starting back up on Chemo at some point in the 10 days, I decided to get my notes out on Immunotherapy.  Yeah probably not the most exciting way to a Friday night about 2 weeks ago.  I have an interest in information that there is about different cancers, patients stories, and treatments.  This is a geeky hobby of mine ever since my mom was diagnosed 2.5 years ago.

Immunotherapy was discovered in 1891, by a surgeon named William Coley in New York. He began injecting bacteria into tumors in hopes for an immune response to attack.  What is Immunotherapy?  It is designed to boost the body’s natural defense to fight cancer.  It is also referred as Biologic Therapy, and materials are either made by body or in a lab.  After looking through the different types majority are made in a lab.  Most of the research I came across stated that it is not clear how it fights cancers.  However, there are some thoughts: Stop or slows the cancer cell’s growth, the spread to other parts of the body.  May even help the immune system destroy cells.

I came across a one therapy called Monoclonal antibodies.  These are made in a lab, that go under cover as an antibody produce in the body.  While they are under cover they search for a specific protein in the cancer cell.  It would go to the cells that don’t have the protein that is on the wanted list.  The mission for these antibodies is to help the immune system destroy cancerous cells and prevent their advancement in growth.  They are also armed to deliver radiation and other cancer fighting drugs directly to invaded cells. Antibodies stake out for other potential cancers that maybe hiding.  As with most cancer treatments there are side effects.  Which are usually mild and are similar to an allergic reaction.  This classified as a Targeted therapy.

Non-Specific immunotherapy is the next example.  Interfons and Interleukins are the common Non-Specific immunotherapies.  Interfons slows the growth of the cancer cells and also helps immune system.  Side effects of Interfons are risk of infections are increased, along rash and thinning hair.  Interleukins help produce cells for the immune system, and is used in the treatment for Kidney and Skin Cancers.  The side effects of Interleukins are weight gain and low blood pressure.  Both of these made in a lab.

Vaccines are another branch of Immunotherapy, they are divided into Preventive and Treatment.  Example of a Preventive vaccine is HPV, which can be given to girls and boys at the ages of 11 to 12.   This a 3 shot series of either Cervarix, Grandasil, and Grandasil 19.  Gradasil and Gradasil 19 may protect against genital warts and anal cancer in male recipients.  Also males can receive the vaccine through the age of 21.  Unless male has had sexual contact with another male, then he could receive the vaccine until age of 26. For females the Gradasils may protect against valvular, vaginal, anal, cervical cancers, and genital warts.  Treatment vaccine are meant to train the immune system to recognize and destroy the cancer cells.  There is only ONE approved vaccine in US for this purpose.  That is sipuleucel-TL (Provenge), used for treating metastatic prostate cancer.  The benefits of this vaccine are debatable because it is complicated and costly.  But the are additional vaccines in development or available through clinical trails.

Through my surfing are web I found that is research always being done.  Hopefully with efforts of the people who working the labs and organizing the clinical trails, there will be cure someday.  This is a disease that is one big pain in the butt.  Now I get to stand by quietly as my mom goes through another round of Chemo treatments.



Another Round!

Well my mom CT results did not come back the way we wanted them.  Honestly we knew something was wrong, because her Abdomen was bloated out.  It turns that in filled with Ascites, and it is messing her bowels up due to the pressure.  I just sat there waiting to hear what was going to be suggested to try to fix it.  Another Round of Chemo treatments, and praying the bowel don’t shut down.  There was a silver lining n new masses were found anywhere.  That is a good thing right?

My mom however was not happy to hear any of this today.  She looked at me said “Looks like I am not getting my passport.”  😦  I told her we can get a pass card, but that is not the same.  The last two-time she was on Chemo her nerves in the feet and hands took a beating.  They are just back to normal.  She wanted redo her kitchen and now she probably won’t do that now.  I know this because she told me, she doesn’t want people in her house while she doing chemo.  Her patience was very thin last time and can just imagine what they will be like this time.  I living with her during last round of chemo treatments, so I saw everything first hand.

I like both her Oncologist because they are straight and to the point.  Med Oncologist base most of his treatment decision on the findings on the CT scans and lab work.  He is always very truthful with my mom and doesn’t sugar coat anything.  Yeah sometimes there things he probably should sugar coat, but use would that do for the patient.  Surgical Oncologist is just the sweetest thing, he is there to keep eye the “area”.  I also feel he is another set of eyes for the CTs.  I think he may fall out of his chair when he hears my mom is starting back on chemo.  He just her the all clear for the “area”.

Here my mom goes again with Chemo, she usually calls it her life anchor.  But after to today and her reaction to going back on it.  I think she may pop the finger at Chemo.  For me strength not stress eat and remember to get yoga in three times.  I have to try to stay calm, if not results in tighter clothes.



Father’s Day

This is my second Father’s Day without my Dad.  He passed away nearly a year and half ago.  I cannot believe it has been that long already, it seems like yesterday I was talking to him about the playoff game between the 49ers vs Seahawks.  I remember last Father’s Day laying on my couch just staring at the TV trying to watch a baseball game.  I blame my dad for giving me, oldest of 2 daughters, the love for sports.  To watch a ball game was more than difficult last summer.  I sometimes caught myself tearing up.  I really don’t have anyone now talk sports with, he always had a clam to him when talking about sporting events.  Well a calm until the Browns played the Steelers.  I will always remember the Indians’ games we went to in the old stadium on the Lake.  There was one time Hank Aaron was at a game, walking around greeting the fans.  I was in the bathroom when he came to the section we were sitting.  I had the camera in my purse, my dad told me who was just there saying “hello”.  I never will forget my dad “We could have got a picture.”  Sorry Dad. 😦

It wasn’t all sports that was my dad.  He was the guy in the family who rather be watching TV, instead sitting with everyone else talking after a holiday dinner.  He was the guy that taught how to drive in the snow.  The person who was telling me “Be your person.”  It took me awhile to really understand what he was saying.  But I understood that phrase as think with your head before you act on something, and also don’t be a follower.  My dad was at the bar a lot while I was growing up.  He did things his way.  When he got sick, he would not go to the doctor.  I believe his focus was my mom, and getting through her cancer diagnosis.  My dad was known as the guy with Bandana in the neighborhood.  I also have him to thank for me attraction to Classic Rock, Rocket 101 was on in the car ALL the time.  Unless we were on a road trip, which did not happen often.

My dad will always be short and heavy-set guy, I love and miss so much.  He will never be that almost too skinny sick guy.  So Dad HAPPY FATHER’S Day, and I do miss hearing tell me “I don’t want anything.”  For those who are reading this give your Dad a big hug or high-five.  Maybe even a chest pump, if you can.  Because you never know when it will be the Father’s Day with him.

LOVE YOU Dad!  You have the best seat in the house now for your ball games, Enjoy!



Types of Bone Sarcoma

1. Osteosarcoma-most common type, occurs in growing bones, and is most often found in children
2. Chondrosarcoma-found in cartilage of the bone and occurs more in adults over 40
3. Ewing’s
Occurs as bone Sarcoma or a soft tissue sarcoma, which depends on the orignal location in the tumor.
250 children each year are diagnosis, which only accounts for 3% of all chldhood cancers
Second most common bone cancer
1/3 of those diagnosis, the cancer has already spread to other area of the body by time of diagnosis. The five year survival rate is decrease 30%
Usually appears in the middle of the long bones of arms and legs or the bone in the pelvis
Nine out of Ten diagnoses have a gentic abnormality.
4. Adamintinomas-Rare cancer and less than 1% of cancer cases
5. Chordomas-most commonly developes in the sacrum
6. Gaint Cell Tumor of the Bone-usually begins in the knee and will affect more women than men
*** and***

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